Dropship Customers

Please read all of the questions and answers on this page prior to creating an account. If a question you have is not answered here, please email us (info@bellysock.com) and we will do our best to get it answered right away.

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a service that we offer to other businesses in that they list our products for sale, make the sale to their customers, and then have us ship the product directly to the customer. This allows the store owner to run their store without having to carry inventory or having a large outlay of cash.

How do I set up a drop ship account with you?

To set up an account you need to create an account.

We are very serious about the web sites that our products are associated with and will be approving only those that we feel will fit in with our product line. Please read the guidelines set forth below BEFORE submitting your application.:

1. We are not accepting any “discount” stores at this time. 2. We are not accepting stores that also sell or advertise internet money making programs or products. 3. We only accept stores that look professional. We are not accepting stores that are served on free hosts, look unprofessional or “home grown,” are loaded with misspellings or typos, or are sloppy and look as if they have been thrown together. 4. We are not accepting any applications without completed web site URLs or whose web sites are not complete or at least partially viewable. 5. Due to the large number of applications and inquiries that we receive, if the guidelines listed above are not strictly adhered to in your application your account will be denied.

What if I want to carry inventory and ship directly to my customers?

If this is the case, you might want to consider purchasing from our Wholesale section.

If you wish to gain access to the wholesale section, please email info@bellysock.com.

How do I place my drop ship orders?

Simply go to www.bellysock.com and login. You then just follow the appropriate links and shop away!

Make sure you use your information as the Billing information section and your customer’s information as the Shipping information.

You will automatically receive an email confirmation that your order has been received and we will email you again to let you know when the order has shipped.

Do I have to charge sales tax from my customers?

Unfortunately, this question would have to be addressed by the government of where you reside. We do have to charge sales on all shipments to all residents of WA state. As far as selling to buyers from your website, this may or may not be the case. You local Department of Revenue is a great resource for specific information on this subject. Do an internet search for that office.

Will I be responsible for returns on damaged or misdirected merchandise my customer may receive?

As far as your customers are concerned, you are the person from which they made their purchase. And you should do all in your power to keep your customers happy. We certainly do stand behind all of our products and shipments. If you need to issue a return or refund, get in touch with us and we will help you deal with your customer appropriately

Do you charge a fee for drop shipping to my customers?

No, we do not charge a per order drop ship fee. Drop ship prices are slightly higher than wholesale and that covers the fees for the extra work involved in drop shipping products.

How can I pay for my merchandise? What types of payments do you accept?

You can pay for your order by Mastercard or Visa. You may also pay by check, but we will not fulfill the order until your payment has been received.

Payments made by check must be received within 5 days of order receipt or the order will be discarded. Also, returned checks will result in a $25.00 return check fee and we IMMEDIATELY turn returned checks over to collection if we are unable to collect from you on our first attempt.

How do I know when my merchandise has been shipped and if my customer has received it?

Each BellySock is shipped within 7 days of payment recieved. As soon as your customer’s order is shipped, you will receive an email from us. You may then contact your customer if you so desire.

How do I calculate shipping charges to my customers?

Your shipping charges are entirely up to you. We charge $6.00 S/H for 1 to 2 BellySock™ for standard shipping when you place your order. You may charge your customers accordingly.

Is there a set retail price I must charge my customers for your products?

We do have suggested retail prices for our products. You may charge more then this if you wish, but you may not charge less.

How will my customers know that the products I order are from my company and not from BellySock™?

When we ship products, the return address on the shipping label has your address and company name. If you would like us to enclose an invoice or packing slip with the order, you will need to e-mail it to us after you place your order.

If you would like us to enclose any other materials in the package, i.e. brochures, business cards, etc., please email info@bellysock.com to arrange.

Will I have access to my order history and customer data?

Yes, you may login to your account at any time and view your order history along with customer data.

How do I obtain the pictures and descriptions for my website?

You may use images and descriptions directly from our web site. Please note that our fabric choices do change from time to time. You will need to check regularly to ensure we still have the fabric in stock that you are offering on your website.

I’m always concerned about the security of my credit card data. Is your website secure, and who processes your credit card transactions?

We take security very seriously. Our shopping cart is very secure. Our transactions are processed through Card Service International and linkpoint. There will be no electronic fraud generated from our site!

Do you ship Internationally? Furthermore, I live outside of the US. Can I still offer your products for sale on my website?

We do ship Internationally, however, shipping charges are slightly higher. Please contact us if you live outside of US and would like to drop ship our products.

Do you require a minimum order amount or can I just purchase one item at a time for my customers?

We do not have minimum purchasing requirements for drop ship accounts. You may purchase as many or as few items as you want

As always, if you have further questions, please let us know! info@bellysock.com.