About Us

How BellySock™ LLC Started

Deborah Grover, Founder of BellySock™ LLC, started the company based on her own pregnancy needs. Frustrated over the high cost of maternity attire, she decided to come up with a way to extend her pre-pregnancy wardrobe into her maternity clothes. Inspired to show her pregnant belly off, she selected colorful and fun fabrics and worked with skilled apparel professionals to craft the ideal accessory, the BellySock™.

Once her daughter was born, the need progressed to comfortable nursing attire that did not cost a lot of money and provided a new solution for her breastfeeding needs. Her daughter did not like the confinement of a blanket over baby’s head and over mom’s chest and Deborah did not like the styles or price of nursing attire. It did not take long for the next BellySock™ product, BellySock™ Nursing, to be born.